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Guiyang launches measures on further accelerating technological innovation and promoting high-quality economic development

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-02-07

I. Main content

The measures include 12 articles. Articles 1 and 2 focus on supporting the development of enterprises, article 3 is to accelerate the construction of scientific research platforms, article 4 is for the cultivation of technology incubation carriers, article 5 is to promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and article 6 focuses on supporting scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges. Article 7 encourages the creation and application of intellectual property rights, articles 8 and 9 highlight the supporting role of technological innovation in industrial development and rural revitalization, and article 10 focuses on stimulating the vitality of regional innovation and entrepreneurship. Article 11 is to strengthen the support of technology and finance, and article 12 is to enhance the requirements for financial investment and supervision.

II. Reform and innovation

1. Regarding subsidies for high-tech enterprises. The first step is to give a subsidy of up to 100,000 yuan ($15,500) to high-tech enterprises with strong development capabilities that have made significant contributions to the economy at the time of initial recognition, instead of granting 200,000 yuan of recognition subsidies to all high-tech enterprises. The second step highlights the consideration of high-tech enterprises' sustainable development ability, while the third is to encourage the development and growth of high-tech enterprises, increasing the subsidy for large-scale high-tech enterprises.

2. Regarding enterprise R&D investment subsidies. Before the grant is given, officials will evaluate the company's R&D activities, and different subsidy ratios and subsidy ceilings will be set for three assessment levels.

3. Regarding subsidies for new R&D institutions. The measures encourage engagement in scientific research, technological innovation and R&D services, granting each new R&D institution a subsidy of up to 5 million yuan per year based on operating conditions.

4. Regarding scientific and technological cooperation and exchanges. Based on the insufficient total innovation resources and weak innovation strength in Guiyang city, the measures deepen the opening-up of scientific and technological innovation and promote the accumulation of domestic and foreign resources in Guiyang. These measures mainly focus on introducing innovative resources from large enterprises, well-known scientific research institutions and universities.

5. Regarding the industrial technology innovation center. The measures encourage leading enterprises to create technological innovation centers around six new industrial fields. They also promote cross-field and cross-industry collaborative innovation between enterprises, universities and research institutes and enhance the industrial-technological innovation capabilities and the core competition force.

6. Regarding stimulating the vitality of regional innovation and entrepreneurship. The first step is to encourage districts (cities, counties) and development zones to build regional innovation centers with a high concentration of innovative resources and obvious demonstration benefits. The second is to encourage all types of innovation and entrepreneurship entities to hold diversified theme activities and provide certain funding subsidies.



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