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Special technology commissioners help technology benefit farmers

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2021-09-01


A special technology commissioner in Guizhou province carries out research at a greenhouse. [Photo/Guizhou Daily] 

Slow growth, bad fruits, low production, and lack of qualification … these problems used to be big headaches for Huang Chengping, a walnut grower in the city of Qianxi in Southwest China's Guizhou province. 

Life became easier when he was assisted by special technology commissioner Zou Lipeng, who, after knowing the problems faced by Huang, contacted experts at the Guizhou Provincial Forestry Academy for technological suggestions. Zou has also promoted a cooperation program between the local walnut cooperatives and expert teams that targets technological bottlenecks existing in the walnut growing process. 

With the support of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Zou made a trial plan to promote the transfer of more than 50 agricultural technologies selected by special technology commissioners in order to benefit more agricultural households.  

The department has launched a face-to-face technology service campaign for local enterprises, offered services to increase agricultural skills at grassroots levels, and deepened reforms to streamline administrative procedures and delegate powers to government bodies at lower levels in technology programs. 

Since 2015, special technology commissioners in Guizhou have conducted research visits more than 100,000 times, held over 20,000 agricultural training sessions, cultivated nearly 200,000 farmers, promoted 2,000 new crop breeds, and solved more than 50,000 technical problems for farmers. 

By the end of June this year, the department had assigned 2,256 special technology commissioners and allocated 45.12 million yuan ($6.77 million) for poverty alleviation causes. 

In the face-to-face technology service campaign initiated by the department, officials have cumulatively visited more than 200 companies and collected over 300 specific needs related to technology or government policies. Financial assistance to these companies reached 8.28 million yuan.

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