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Responsibilities of the Guiyang Bureau of Science and Technology

Updated: 2022-03-31

(1) Formulate policies and measures for technological innovation and the introduction of foreign talents and organize their implementation.

(2) Construct an innovation system, reform the scientific and technological system, and improve the incentive mechanism for technological innovation. Optimize the scientific research system, guide the reform and development of scientific research institutions, and increase the scientific and technological innovation capabilities of enterprises. Construct a scientific and technological decision-making consultation system.

(3) Establish a unified science and technology management platform and a fund coordination, evaluation and supervision mechanism for scientific research projects. Propose policies and measures to optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources. Construct a system for diversified technological investment. Manage municipal science and technology plans (special projects, funds, etc.).

(4) Plan and coordinate basic research and basic applied research. Plan scientific and technological innovation bases and scientific and technological infrastructure, improve scientific research services, and promote the exchange and sharing of scientific and technological resources.

(5) Collect, manage, apply and share scientific data across the city.

(6) Prepare and supervise the implementation of municipal science and technology plans and major science and technology plans. Lead the development and innovation of key common technologies, cutting-edge leading technologies, modern engineering technologies, and disruptive technologies. Organize major scientific and technological research projects, and demonstrate major results.

(7) Formulate plans, policies and measures for agricultural, rural and social development driven by technology and industrialization. Analyze scientific and technological demands in key areas, propose key tasks and supervise their implementation.

(8) Establish the technology transfer system, and formulate and supervise the implementation of relevant policies and measures for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industry-university-research cooperation. Promote the development of the technology service industry, technology markets and technology intermediary organizations.

(9) Promote regional science and technology innovation, coordinate the distribution of science and technology resources, increase collaborative innovation capabilities, and promote the construction of science and technology parks.

(10) Construct and reform the science and technology supervision and evaluation system, and continue the practice of scientific integrity. Implement innovation investigation and science and technology reporting systems, keep scientific and technological results confidential.

(11) Formulate plans, policies and measures for international exchanges on science and technology and innovation capacity, and organize scientific and technological cooperation and the exchange of scientific and technological talents.

(12) Introduce foreign talents. Formulate and organize the implementation of plans for the introduction of foreign experts. Formulate and organize the implementation of plans and policies for overseas training. Undertake matters related to foreigners' work in China according to regulations.

(13) Formulate plans and policies for the cultivation of scientific and technological talents, especially high-level scientific and technological innovation talents. Establish and improve the evaluation and incentive mechanisms for scientific and technological talents, and implement scientific and technological talent plans. Formulate plans and policies for science popularization and science communication in accordance with the law.

(14) Undertake work related to science and technology awards.

(15) Promote military-civilian integration, conduct poverty alleviation and development. Ensure safe production and fire safety in the department and the industry. Promote the development and application of big data, and promote the standardized management, sharing and development of government data resources.

(16) Complete other tasks assigned by the CPC municipal Party committee, the municipal people's government, and the provincial department of science and technology.

(17) Adjustment of responsibilities

1. Transfer the responsibility of intellectual property management from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to the Municipal Market Supervision Administration (Municipal Intellectual Property Administration, Municipal Food and Drug Administration).

2. Transfer the responsibility of foreign expert management from the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau.

3. Transfer the responsibility of seismic prevention and disaster mitigation from the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau.

4. The administrative functions undertaken by the public institutions affiliated to the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau shall be taken back, and the adjustment of other institutions shall be stipulated separately.

(18) Change of functions. According to the strategy of development driven by innovation, science, education and talents, optimize the government's technology management and services, improve the technology innovation system and organizational system, strengthen macro management and overall coordination, reduce micro management, and strengthen the operational and post-operational oversight and the construction of scientific integrity. Transfer from R&D management to innovative services, increase investment in science and technology, and improve the management of science and technology plans. Establish an open and unified science and technology management platform. Tackle problems such as duplicated, decentralized, closed or inefficient scientific and technological projects, and the fragmentation of resources. Government departments will no longer undertake all the work in preparing science and technology planning projects, and they will gradually entrust professional project management institutions to carry out specific tasks such as project acceptance, review, approval, and process management. Strengthen the planning, layout and performance evaluation of scientific research institutions. Establish an evaluation system and incentive mechanisms for scientific and technological talents focusing on innovation ability, quality, contribution, and performance. Cultivate scientific and technological talents, and introduce foreign talents.

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