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Guiyang and Guian promote tech cooperation

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2023-12-05

Guiyang City and Guian New Area have jointly issued the Guiyang and Guian Four-City Linkage Work Implementation Plan (2023-25), aiming to comprehensively implement the coordinated development across industry, technology, education, and talent. This plan seeks to promote cooperation among the "Four City" regions, namely Guizhou Science City, the Guiyang Big Data Sci-tech Innovation City, the Huaxi University Town, and the Qingzhen Vocational Education Town.

The development of the "Four City" linkage involves a coordinated model encompassing government, industry, education, research, and application. It emphasizes aligning with universities and enterprises to facilitate the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, ultimately elevating the technological level and market competitiveness of enterprises.

In terms of technological collaboration, Guiyang bureau of science and technology has implemented various measures to support 1,862 science and technology enterprises in the "Four City" region and surrounding areas. Additionally, 43 high-tech technology enterprises are present in the region, with 28 of them receiving cultivation support.

To alleviate the burden on enterprises, the bureau organized technical appraisals for the additional deduction of research and development expenses, resulting in a total income tax reduction of 2.69 million yuan ($370,582) for relevant enterprises.

In a bid to deepen cooperation, the bureau has undertaken efforts to establish several achievement transformation platforms in the Four City region. These platforms include the Guizhou Green Industry Technology Research Institute, Wujiang Laboratory, and Central South University National Achievement Transformation (Guian) Center.

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