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Guizhou undergraduates encouraged being sci-tech volunteers

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-04-25

The launch ceremony for the Guizhou Aerospace Sci-tech Volunteer Service was held at the Guizhou Institute of Technology in Guiyang city on April 12. More than 1,200 students and faculty members from various universities in Guizhou participated in the event.

Since 2022, the China Feitian Aerospace Sci-tech Volunteer Team has actively mobilized college students in Guizhou to become sci-tech volunteers that will participate in social practices. This initiative aimed to facilitate the transformation of theoretical knowledge into practical skills among students.

Popular science content includes aviation knowledge, simple aircraft piloting skills and other practical skills.

As of February this year, 74 teams comprising 8,052 volunteers have been successfully established in 35 universities throughout Guizhou. These volunteers have organized 326 aerospace science popularization activities so far, which attracted the participation of 18,729 individuals.

The objective of this recent event is to inspire young people to actively engage in the aerospace industry, injecting significant momentum into the strategic goal of advancing China's aerospace industry.

At a recent event, university volunteers will engage in sci-tech volunteer services at nearby primary and secondary schools. The plan is to conduct 1,000 science popularization activities throughout Guizhou this year, with the aim of reaching over 100,000 individuals.

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